Drive with us

Limo executives London works exclusively with the top tier chauffeurs in London who are required to go through an uncompromising selection process. This includes topographical assessment ( M25 radius), chauffeur etiquette, and vehicle accreditation. On return, our partners benefit from enhanced terms, quality clientele and comprehensive support 24/7

Chauffeur accreditation

  • Takes place in person at our premises, and consists of the following elements:
  • London’s rudimentary test within M25 radius completed on tablet. The test covers main routes to and from London’s main and private airports, landmarks and hotels.
  • Chauffeur etiquette.
  • Profile photograph
  • any tablet device,
  • smart dark suit, tie
  • Checks of all relevant vehicle and chauffeur documents.


All vehicles are being assessed against our service standards including:

  •  Colour, upholstery, wheel rims, configuration
  •  Condition — near mint required.
  •  Cleanliness — interior and exterior.
  •  Absence of personal items.
  •  Amenities such as water, name-board, charger, black umbrella, etc.

Please note: As we serve business and first class customers, we only accept executive vehicles, not older than 4 years. All vehicles must be fully licensed by TfL and covered by commercial, up to date fully comprehensive insurance.