As the global pandemic continues to evolve, we want to make sure that we fully comply with the new hygiene standards, announced by the TFL(Transport For London). In order to do so, we have introduced the following procedures:

  •  Sanitisation before every trip. We have advised our chauffeurs to sanitize every surface inside the car with common disinfectant means (disinfectant sprays, common detergents etc.), that potentially will get in touch with the passengers.
  •  PPE( personal protection equipment) : All our cars will be equipped with sanitising hand gels and sanitising single-use tissues.
  •  No mask, no trip policy. As of 22 September 2020, face masks became a legal requirement for every trip on public transportation means, or private hire licensed cars, for both parties (passengers and drivers). We strongly recommend our customers, upon every booking, to carry face masks and single-use gloves (not compulsory but we strongly recommend it). Chauffeurs are authorized by our policy, to refuse the trip in case passengers fail to comply with the above, unless there is a proven medical condition. In such a case, passengers should be able to present face-covering exemption cards
  •  We have asked our chauffeurs to carry extra PPE in case a client shows up with no mask, but this is not an obligation from the chauffeur’s end.
  •  Hand shakes with the chauffeurs at the meet and greet points, should be highly avoided.
  •  Luggage handling: We will continue providing assistance with passenger’s luggage as usual. Should the clients prefer to handle luggage on their own, they are advised to inform the chauffeur, at the meet and greet point.
  •  Amenities: Any newspapers or magazines will be removed from all cars, in order protect passengers, getting in touch with surfaces with ‘’higher potential risk’’
  •  Cancelation policy. Due to the situation, many flights are being canceled. Therefore, we are lifting up our current policy. Please contact us for further information.
  •  In light of the current situation, we have urged the chauffeurs to inform the office, in case of any change on their medical condition. This includes the obligation to inform us in case they tested positive for COVID19.
  •  Due to the current situation, passengers might face long queues at the airports, upon arrival and during the passport control checks. Therefore, Limo Executives London kindly suggests, to schedule the airport pick up time, an hour after the flight lands. We have also asked the chauffeurs to be flexible due to the situation.
  •  Upon arrival, hand sanitisers can be found at several spots on any London’s airport. Please follow the signs, and use the sanitizers accordingly.
  •  Enhanced car cleaning regimes

Notice: The above advice is being kept under constant review. Travel disruption is still possible and national control measures may be brought in with little notice, so check our guidance regularly.