High Profile Protection Escorting Services
As our client list includes professionals from the corporate sector, VIPs and celebrities, at Limo Executives London we understand the necessity of providing close protection services when this required. Thus, in conjunction with affiliated professionals who only operate within the top tier of the close protection industry, we are able to provide a complete and quintessential pack of services, related to your safety concerns. Recruiting staff that were formerly employed by the MET police or Armed forces, our highly trained licensees, are able to demonstrate a unique set of skills, fully compliant with the code of practise BS 7858:2019 of the British Standards Institution and in accordance to the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO). From initial planning through to implementing a procedural operational plan, we continuously assess safety factors when protecting the life, business needs, or assets of our clients.

Our special and bespoke services

Residential Security,  Personal security escorts

Schooling protection within the UK, International Travel & Protection

*In addition to our bespoke executive protection, we offer a wide range of complete security solutions for businesses and individuals, from assessing routing plans and locations, to constructing positive relations with key people ahead of our client’s location. Rest assured, that all enquiries are in the very strictest of confidence.

Confident secret service agent wearing sunglasses while driving car in city
Close-up of spy on mission
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